PTV Visum 14. New version

27 Jūn 2014
Transport and Telecommunication Institute got the new version of PTV VISUM software from PTV.
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EnViVer Professional new version in TTI

18 Jūn 2014
Transport and Telecommunication Institute got the new version of EnViVer Professional software.
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The Big Book of Simulation Modeling

18 Jūn 2014
The Big Book of Simulation Modeling. Multimethod Modeling with AnyLogic 6 from AnyLogic company was published and available for purchase.
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Sākumlapa » Projekti » Simulation of complex conveyer system 
Simulation of complex conveyer system
March 2007 - June 2007
Pasūtītājs: Procter & Gamble
Vadītājs Dr. rer. nat. habil. Juri Tolujew

Dr. rer. nat. habil. Juri Tolujew

The simulation object is a complex conveyer system with which input receiving products in the form of packing units (PUs). The main destination of the conveyer system is the transportation of PUs to automatic machines that put PUs on trays. Simultaneously, up to eight types of PUs can enter the system. A certain quantity of PUs of one type is put on each tray. PUs are divided into types and are accumulated on sorting lines of the systems, and then, in the form of “trains” are transported to the stacker automatic machines.
The specialists operating the conveyer system have come to the opinion that:

  • it is possible to increase the capacity of each direction of transportation if to change the rules of admisison of trains to sectors and to reduce the free space between trains by this;
  • probability of PU loss in the input flow due to the overfilling of the sorting area will decrease if each train will be arranged in the form of two parts on two neighbouring sorting lines.

The simulation model has been created for testing the effect of the offered changes of the system, and that testing had to be performed with different combinations
of types of simultaneously manufactured and transported products.

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