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27 Jūn 2014
Transport and Telecommunication Institute got the new version of PTV VISUM software from PTV.
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EnViVer Professional new version in TTI

18 Jūn 2014
Transport and Telecommunication Institute got the new version of EnViVer Professional software.
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The Big Book of Simulation Modeling

18 Jūn 2014
The Big Book of Simulation Modeling. Multimethod Modeling with AnyLogic 6 from AnyLogic company was published and available for purchase.
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Sākumlapa » Projekti » Modelling of Krasta-Maskavas-Slavu junction(Riga, Latvia) 
Modelling of Krasta-Maskavas-Slavu junction(Riga, Latvia)
June 2005 - September 2005
Pasūtītājs: AS "Transporta un Sakaru Institūts"
Vadītājs Dr.Sc.Ing. Aleksandrs Medvedevs

M.Sc.Comp. Elena Yurshevich

M.Sc.Comp. Nadja Kolmakova

    Krasta-Maskavas-Slavu is one of the most traffic jam problematic junction in the Riga. This transport node is located on the Riga entrance (direction to Daugavpils)  and course traffic jams. The project object of research is the transport node (complex junction) with constantly appearing traffic jams.

The main tasks of modelling are:


  • the choice of the optimal movement organization in the junction
  • estimation of capacity for each version of movement
  • signal heads work optimisation
  • actions (measures) analysis on cargo transport traffic simplification

As a realization instrument a specialized simulation package VISSIM 4.0 family PTV Vision has been selected. It was supposed that a number of offered changes would give a positive effect on the transport traffic organization and will raise the capacity of a considered area. One of the suggestions was:

  •  to bring out the roadway directly from Krasta street to Slavu bridge across the parking place territory that exists now.

As a result of such re-structuring the large-sized cargo vehicles do not create jams on semi-circle Krasta-Maskavas for exit to Slavu bridge.  Because of such re-structuring Traffic intensity in three areas of a model increases.

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